Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day Menu Options

One of my favorite things about Valentine's day is making the day special by sneaking in little notes in lunch boxes, leaving messages around the house, and making Valentine's-themed food for everyone to enjoy.  Here are a few ways that you can make the day a little extra special:

* Make heart-shaped ice cubes.  Many places sell ice cube trays that can be used (IKEA was my favorite and affordable).  If you really want to make it creative you can use a red or pink juice such as cranberry juice or pink lemonade.

* Use a cookie cutter to cut a heart-shaped sandwich.  This is great for school lunches.  Even a bunch of little hearts are really fun, too!

* The Dollar Tree often sells small, shaped Reynolds foil bowls that come in a variety of shapes including...you guessed it...a heart!  Mini pot-pies, dessert pies, or even casseroles, pasta dishes, and less traditional meals are great in these individual serving-sized containers.

* Heart shaped pancakes make a really fun breakfast!

* An easy to make treat is heart shaped rice crispy treats.  Use strawberry flavored marshmallows or food coloring for a pink tint to your treat.  You can also add some extra sweets to your sweets by adding the cinnamon candies, sweethearts, M & M's, or other candies.

* Check out our blog on the Sweet Heart Pops from January's edition of Family Fun magazine.